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vor 2 Monaten ppanda
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Charlie_Manchester vor 1 Monat

Hi Charlie! Thanks for care,I’m trying to stay ok. The saddest thing is that I can’t prove it in any way, because at least my account was banned

ppanda vor 1 Monat

The main thing is that you are trying to stay ok. Unfortunately It is a difficult thing to accept. But with time and focus you will find a way through it.

Stay safe

vor 3 Wochen

There is a good word. You will not play the game you will regret. I hope everything goes well for you my friend. It may be best for you to take a break from gambling or quit. Running after a loss means that there will be more losses, unfortunately, in gambling.

Ozihrm vor 3 Wochen

Hello there,

I think you may find some support here:

Stay strong 🤞

Radka vor 3 Wochen

Hi! i stopped gambling,but i really need some money to solve my problems and move on,i'm stuck here...Even on YouTube i see how people gambling and dig into a huge hole of losses, i don't want this, just need some cashback...

ppanda vor 3 Wochen

There's really no easier way of getting cash than getting a job or two. You'll never earn money by playing casino games.

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