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Wir wollen, dass die Spieler das Glückspiel verstehen.

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Yabba dabba don't bother with this one!

They let you play and loose and deposit how every you like then if you win and request withdrawal of winnings they ask you for every different type of Id, proof of address Photo of payment method.

Then they find a way to rip you off. With me, I used my PayPal Account (for extra protection pffft) which has been upgraded to a business account so they emailed me after I was congratulated by an agent in the websites chat for my win. The email said as I had funded my account with a PayPal that is not a standard PayPal, they do not support the payment method.

There for if I have unknowingly used an in correct method of payment one would assume my withdrawal would be cancelled and I would be refunded in full...

But no the email describes that my winnings have been conviscated due to me breaching terms of service. (by using my own PayPal iny name only and not owned by any business) but as they are super nice lol NOT.. They added how they have paid refunded me £100 back to the unsupported payment method (even though its unsupported) leaving me unable to open any case with PayPal about their behaviour and withholding my funds.

This casino stinks and its operating as a scam. Any little chance they may have to decline you what's yours and accuse you if using third party payment methods like having a premium PayPal account. They will.

Be prepared to be ripped off.

Thanks alot duelz

I bet you are all so so rich from all the people you scam.

Good one


If anyone else has experienced this get advice from a solicitor. I'm taken them to court.


After writing an email asking for a reconsideration and after me contacting casino guru with my case and them accepting my case,

I have now recieved an email confirming the held funds that were not paid will be.

Be safe everyone!

I highly recommend Casino Guru for advice and help if you get into a similar situation to mine.
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  • The outcome after making a complaint and gaining support from casino Guru
  • The fact I didn't skip this casino in the first place
  • Should have done more research and read more reviews before sign up
  • Still recommend Stay away from this one
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