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Which are the best casino games for beginners?

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More and more people are discovering the advantage of playing their favorite casino games on mobile, but the big challenge is figuring out which site or app is the best to start with.

So, we'll introduce you to Slingo, a casino gaming site that has a huge difference - they were the pioneers in mixing slots with bingo mechanics!

Ready to know the Slingo Originals, the bonuses they have to offer, and which are the main games, so you can start testing your luck and win incredible prizes? So, let's Slingo!

Easy and accessible games for new players

The history of Slingo begins in 1995, when casino games started to become popular on the internet.

Today they are known for their unique combination of slots and bingo, often combining games that are already well known to players, like Starburst and Centurion.

These games are known as Slingo Originals, but on the official website you will also have more than 1200 options, including top slots titles and casino games!

A great welcome bonus to get started

One of the first things you will notice upon entering the official Slingo website is the welcome bonus offer.

To receive it, all you need to do is register and make your first deposit to start exploring an extensive library of casino games with a big advantage.

To get started with all the games the Slingo site has to offer, your welcome bonus can reach €100, depending on the amount of your first deposit.

This is a great opportunity to start spinning the slot reels and collecting Slingos to hit the big jackpot!

Simple mechanics and exciting gameplay

One of the main highlights of Slingo Originals is the mechanics that combine slots and bingo mechanics, with a combination of reels and the Slingo grid, usually at the bottom of the screen.

The objective is to match the symbols or numbers on the reels with those on the grid to form Slingos and climb the pay ladder, gradually increasing the prizes you can win.

You also have a little help from some special characters, like the Jokers and Super Jokers, who act as Wilds and make it easy to mark off numbers and coins that guarantee instant cash prizes!

However, keep an eye out for the Devil symbol, as it acts as a blocker and will make it difficult to form winning combinations.

With a little help and the welcome bonus, you'll only need a few spins to familiarize yourself with Slingo and have fun with its unique mechanics.

Ready to start the fun? Let's Slingo!

Getting started with all the fun and rewards Slingo Originals has to offer is very easy, and you can play games on your computer, on your tablet or even on your phone with the Slingo app.

You just need to create your account, make your first deposit and collect the welcome bonus or try out the demo versions of the games before you start playing for real.

Discover games like Slingo Rainbow Riches, Red Hot Slingo, Slingo Extreme and build your ladder to the jackpot!

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vor 2 Jahren

I tried Slingo and it’s fixed not to pay in other words it’s SH***!£

Post von Anonymized417 Bearbeitet von Radka
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vor 2 Jahren

After reading your recommendation, I will definitely try Slingo online casino.

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