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vor 2 Monaten trentchumbley1995
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vor 2 Monaten

My account was permanently disabled on Pokiesnet I’m unsure why and I can’t get a reply from them it’s been 2 weeks I’ve sent multiple emails and I was 3% from my $600 bonus ??

trentchumbley1995 vor 2 Monaten


it must be horrible. Are we talking about this site now?

Have you ever submitted any withdrawal, I wonder?

Your account may got blocked due to some verification, but in this case you should be asked to provide some documments. What happens if you try to acces your account is there any warning or additional information shown, please?

Feel free to share screenshot.

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vor 1 Monat

Yes that’s the site , I’ve withdrawn probably 10-15 times I’ve deposited ALOT they haven’t asked me for anything and haven’t replied to one email (I’ve probably sent 10 by now to all the email addresses I’ve got that are linked to them )

vor 1 Monat


trentchumbley1995 vor 1 Monat

I think you should submit a complaint. We can only guess what's happened and casino should inform you, why your account has been blocked.

Just click here and discribe the situation, please.

trentchumbley1995 vor 1 Monat

i think that casino is a scam mate happened the same with me in other one when i won 0.45 bct they closed my account and never got paid

i think that casino is a scam mate happened the same with me in other one when i won 0.45 bct they closed my account and never got paid

vor 1 Monat

Have you received any statement why your account got blocked?

vor 1 Monat

I really appreciate to read this blog it is very helpful and informative content good work keep it up.

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Radka vor 1 Monat

No I haven’t got any statement and I’ve emailed them a heap of times without a reply .

Radka vor 1 Monat

Okay I did that

trentchumbley1995 vor 1 Monat

Thank you, Matej will take good care of this issue, I'm sure. Let's hope that the casino will cooperate if necessary. 🤞

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